Communicating effectively with those around you needs the ability to know how your own “mind map” works and to also understand the other person’s communication style too…weddings are a key time for misunderstandings as people often don’t have to time to listen, focus or concentrate – instead they assume they know what you are thinking and saying, pre-judge, perhaps interrupt and/or don’t listen to you – any of these can cause friction and tension with your loved (and not-so-loved ones!)

  • Did you know that what you hear and think, is not necessarily what the other person hears - and this will affect their response, which might not be as you expect...
  • Do you get frustrated and feel as if you are going round in circles when trying to communicate with a certain person? You just don't seem to understand each other and this leads to arguments, sulks, frustration and maybe days of just not speaking - with this cycle being repeated all too often
  • Do you pre-judge or make assumptions about what others mean when they speak?
  • Don't forget, what you actually say is not always what you meant - sometimes it sounds OK in your head but when you hear what you said, that's not what you meant!

As a Wedding Confidence Coach I help brides keep the wedding planning journey as smooth as possible and this involves dealing with friends, family and also wedding suppliers along the way.  I help people communicate effectively, to be confident about speaking up for what they want for THEIR wedding and to be able to quickly calm any friction that may arise in close relationships or with your wedding suppliers. After all, everyone wants to enjoy your wedding so understanding each other, listening and being heard, is key. If you are having communication issues within a close relationship it might be helpful to learn how YOU communicate and what methods you use to translate what you HEAR. 

Working on your communication and listening skills often improves the relationships you have with yourself and those around you. Learn how to improve your communication and connection skills – not only will it help you keep the peace for your wedding, it could change your life!

Jo Hanby is the “Wedding Confidence Coach” – combining her unique blend of happiness life coaching and long-term wedding industry experience, the focus is on the emotional wellbeing and happiness of the bride, to manage stress and anxiety, in the lead up to the wedding.

Contact for 1-2-1 coaching in person or by Skype.